Our B&B ‘Gent Oase’

This comfortable residence is decorated in a former youth workshop was founded in 1978 by the hosts in the rear building of the actual house.
Three years later, the rear building demolished and completely rebuilt with the youth of the youth workshop.
The youth workshop was aimed young people from 6 to 16 years to assist in all forms of expression such as art, music, dance, verbal and dramatic.
After 25 years of operation the youth workshop literally burst out of his joints and it was obliged to seek a new location. In consultation with the city moved the youth workshop in 2003 to a renovated factory building that is owned by the city of Ghent. That puts youth workshop Krejo are working on with the more than 300 members.
The construction of the building has remained. The original studio space was transformed into a garden with terrace. Today’s bedroom is in the room that first served as a room where loom was, later printing. The former toilet block was transformed into a cozy bathroom. The establishment of such rooms, the building a social character as the ultimate aim of the family.
We wish you a pleasant stay and enjoy our beautiful city.